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​Are you interested in medicine? At VSI (Barquisimeto, Venezuela) you can be part of the avant-garde in this science regardless of whether you are a doctor, undergraduate, or high school student.

Visit their webpage by clicking on the button below.

¿Te interesa la medicina? en IVC (Barquisimeto, Venezuela) puedes formar parte de la vanguardia en esta ciencia sin importar si eres doctor, estudiante de la carrera o bachiller. Visita su pagina web haciendo clic en el siguiente botón.



We are please to announce this upcoming webinar on situation of Vector control in Venezuela, organised by Maria Eugenia Grillet (Central University of Venezuela)



Starts at 11am (VEN time) on Google meet.

We are please to announce this upcoming webinar on Chagas disease organised by the Colombian Society of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine as part of WHO worldwide celebration of #WorldChagasDay.

World Chagas disease day is a WHO innitiative to make this Neglected Tropical Disease more visible.

Register here!


Two of our partner's laboratories have been certified to diagnose #SARS-CoV2 in patient samples! In this way, they join Latin American fight against #COVID-19 #Coronavirus 

We are very proud of both laboratories


Our research partner Venezuelan Science Incubator has a #CitizenScience campaign  #TraeTuChipo for triatomine surveillance and control in Venezuela.

Check it out!


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