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Incubadora Venezolana de la Ciencia


What is the Incubadora Venezolana de la Ciencia (IVC)?

The Venezuelan Science Incubator in English is a non-profit civil association made up of a multidisciplinary team of health science students, medical specialists, and related professionals; dedicated to promote and encourage research through the development of projects involving methodical and detailed study, care, and prevention of infectious and zoonotic diseases in Venezuela and the rest of the continent.

Their vision is highly scientific and has a social impact in health care in the research of various pathologies, mainly infectious diseases. This impact is a focus on the population that is socially and economically limited in Venezuela. Likewise, their contributions in research seek innovation and growth in scientific matters.

Which are Incubadora Venezolana de la Ciencia (IVC) objectives? 


  • Study the various infectious and tropical diseases present in Venezuela and the rest of the American continent.

  • Promote scientific exchange with other institutions at the national and international levels.

  • Establish and develop laboratories oriented to different topics of interest

  • Encourage and implement strategies to strengthen a solid intellectual and scientific culture.

  • Maintain innovative projects that allow addressing the various problems in the scientific and health area.

  • Collaborate with the assistance and care of the patient along with seeking the prevention on the healthy person.

  • Create links and share knowledge with citizen scientists in the various target communities.

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